AlphaUserPoints: Leading Rewards Management System For Joomla Is Now Better Than Ever


After almost ten years of development by French software developer Bernard Gilly, AlphaUserPoints, Joomla's #1 user reward software is now being developed by the Pamper Me Network. To help you evaluate the technology, we have written new documentation and published on the PMN website. You can review at in the "How To Use" section of the website. In addition, we have summarized the text for your convenience. Review below.

Thanks to Pamper Me Network's Matrix 5.0 social rewards software platform , AlphaUserPoints is now more than the best userpoints system for Joomla. In fact, AlphaUserPoints can now be used to:


  • Generate lifetime residual income;
  • Generate lifetime residual income when other Joomla and Wordpress App developers succeed;
  • Recruit social influencers, affiliates and crowd funding donors;
  • Generate sales leads & distribute news releases;
  • Sell your joomla components and, or apps;
  • Reward website visitors for sharing content with their friends and family on social media networks;
  • Reward random users, artists, photographers, crowd funders and related experts for building their fan network;
  • Reward social media users (fans) for their online support;
  • Reward crowd funding backers for their online support;
  • Deploy self-replicating online contests and viral promotions;
  • Build self-replicating fan networks;
  • Building self-replicating, viral fan lists;
  • And much more.

Download for free the latest version of AlphaUserPoints component for Joomla